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XboxResolver's concept has been in the works for over 2 years now we are giving you the service with loads of extra features.

Our Services

We strive here at xboxresolver to bring you a great service what will continue to grow and improve as time go's on.


A advanced Skype api is currently in the works and will be free to advanced users of our service. also a free resolver will be available on launch of the Skype api.


xboxresolver works on all platforms such as phone, tablet, laptop, pc also can be accessed on any web browser so at any time you can try to resolve your target.

99.9% uptime

We work hard to keep our services running 100% of the time while still bringing new features to the table While there may still be bugs and small amounts of down time for maintenance to keep the service running smoothly.


Want to contact me directly want to put your input into the project need support ? Come and join our Discord chat HERE

Great Support

We offer Amazing support to our customers we try our best to reply as fast as we can with a good answer to your question we have a open support ticket system in place for all your needs also you may contact us though Twitter.

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Resolve Gamertag

Simply enter a Gamertag and hit resolve, it will then check our database to see if we have there ip if not it will be added to a list to be resolved.

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