The total amount of resolved data is 4,840,130 as is still growing everyday.


It’s big! over 3 Million Clear Text Gamertags & IPAddress Discovered

    XboxResolver's concept has been in the works for over 2 years now we are giving you the service with loads of extra features. We strive here at xboxresolver to bring you a great service what will continue to grow and improve as time go's on. We work hard to keep our services running 100% of the time while still bringing new features to the table While there may still be bugs and small amounts of down time for maintenance to keep the service running smoothly. xboxresolver works on all platforms such as phone, tablet, laptop, pc also can be accessed on any web browser so at any time you can try to resolve your target.

How can I remove myself?

    Blacklisting is now available please contact me on discord if you wish to purchase blacklisting for your gamertag Discord: Dev#5195 Keeping it in simple terms Once you have purchased Blacklisting for your gamertag you will no longer be able to be resolved on my sites (, The price per gamertag is $15.

How do I Protect my self?

  • Coming soon.